Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Swimmping Pool heat pump is one of the most economical systems to heat the swimming pool efficently.  Absorbing the heat from the air , it delivers up to six times more energy in heating than a traditional heating system such as gas boiler or electric heater. So swimming pool heat pump can save 5/6 cost for pool heating. Running at low cost and without direct CO2 discharging, people could enjoy swimming not only in summer , but also in spring , autumn and even in winter time.

  Ecological And Economical Heating
  • By making use of the renewable energy in the outside air, it consumes much less energy with low carbon emission.
  • Use environment friendly advanced refrigerant R410a which has no effect on Ozone.
Multiple Functions
  • Cooling & heating function available: heat pump could heat your pool as well as cool the pool.
  • Auto operation, Auto-restart, Auto defrost
  • Timer on/off: No human attendance is required
  • Wide ambient working condition : -5 oC to 43 oC
Safe Use
  • Pool heat pump works without oil, gas or other hazardous substance which avoid potential risk that goes togerther.
  • Moreover no gas connection or a fuel tank is needed. No risk of intoxication, small or pollution from leakage.

  • When there is malfunction pool heat pump will make self diagnosis by displaying error code from the control panel.
  • The problem could be found out at a glance.
Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Advanced titanium heat exchanger guarantees long life span of heat pump free from corrosion and rust.
Reliable Operation
  • To guarantee the stable running and increase the durability of the unit multiple protection devices have been set into pool heat pump which include insufficient water flow protection, high/low pressure protection, overload protection, compressor protection.

Easy Installation
  • Pool heat pump is easy to be installed with simple electrical and hydraulic connection.
  • The cost of installation is relatively low.
Wide Application
  • Pool heat pump could ideally suit the pools from 15 to 350m3.